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Olive, the sacred tree….It composes the image of the authentic Greek landscape, from the foothills of the mountains up to where the sea breeze stops. The ultimate balance between the impermanent man and the eternity nature. Through thousands years of history of this sacred tree and its fruits was born the idea of creating a unique wooden package with many handmade details from Beech woods located at the foothills of the sacred rocks of the worldwide renowned natural phenomenon for its incomparable beauty, the Meteora. In its shape it is reflected the form of an olive leaf, which conceals a bottle with extra – virgin olive oil, a commodity produced by the organic cultivation of the unique, for their beneficial properties, ancient olive trees of Thassos.

Our Unique Flavors & Style


Our idea was to connect a commonly used phrase worldwide, being ‘’ooh my god’’, with the finest Greek Produce and deliver it to people’s plates world-wide in the form of delicious pate’s. Inspired by the 12 ancient Greek Gods of Mount Olympus and the universally used phrase ‘’ooh my god ‘’ as the brand name, we create 12 gourmet Greek pates. Each of the 12 pate’s ingredients are a personification of the God they represent i.e. Athena has an olive pate, as she was the goddess of wisdom and donate an olive tree to the Athenians.

We promise all of our customers ‘’ A Heavenly Gastronomic Experience ‘’ and invite them to dine with a different God every day.

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