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Greek Olive OilGreek Olive Oil

The olive oil and the olive derivatives in general consist the main ingredients of the Mediterranean diet, which is considered to be a model balanced diet and it significantly contributes to health and longevity. The organic olive oil contains many minerals and vitamins while lies in the non-use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, antibiotics or hormones. Dioscorides, an ancient Greek physician, pharmacologist and botanist, recommended as beneficial oil the one produced by olives which were not mature.

So, we collected the olive oil of the early harvest from the olive trees of Thassos, for which researches of the Pharmacy Departments of the Athens and Patras Universities, published in valid scientific magazines of international honor such as The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, prove its excellent quality and uniqueness, by attributing to it antiinflammatory, antioxidant, neuroprotective, cardioprotective and anticancer properties due to the increased values of eleokanthali and eleasini substances in the specific olive oil, up to five times more than the average values of similar substances in other Greek olive oil samples.

Finally, in a recent research of the University of Louisiana, which was published in Chemical Neuroscience, it was ascertained that eleokanthali has the ability to reduce the risk of the Alzheimer disease or related neurodegenerative disease. The olive tree and its precious oil consist an integral part of the Greek culture. At the Olympic Games, which were evolved as a symbol of political and cultural unity of the Greeks in antiquity, was offered a wreath of olive branch to the Olympians as a triumphal award but also as a symbol of sportsmanship, while the oil was the prize for the winners of the Panathenaic Games. We are offering you this special product as the most representative gift of the ancient and modern Greece.

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